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I am your Massage Therapist!


Hello, my name is Christina and I am an Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist. I have a passion for my work and enjoy being a part of the growth and healing of each client.  I customize my technique to suit the needs of each individual utilizing my training, communication and intuition. Follow me on Facebook to stay up to date on special events and offers.


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Hello 2018,


As my Massage Practice is just about at full capacity, I have expanded services: I have developed a team of therapists, and added an on line scheduling and payment option ... to provide more availability for scheduling your in home table/business chair massage.  Check out   and schedule your massage today!





Full table and Chair Massage-Concierge Service- to home, office, or hotel


I use Fractionated Coconut Oil for the base massage and I also incorporate essential oils for added healing and benefit....

Your skin is living breathing organism that soaks into your system what you put on topically....

I have put care and consideration into every part of your massage including the products I choose to use!

Massage Fusion:

Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Structural, Trigger Point, Injury, Stretching 

(I utilize all of these technique's within the session based off your desire and needed result.)



Lymphatic Drainage

Cranial Sacral/Goddess Kundalini Reiki combined.

Accupressure Segmental Releases