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Business Affiliates

Are you a business interested in offering your customers and employees more amenities and savings? Become affiliated with Chris Massage Therapy and receive complimentary gifts and discount prices. If you are interested in learning more about how to become an affiliate and take advantage of my special offers, call for an appointment to discuss how my services can work for you. 


James Witkowski Post 138

American Legion 

Tempe American Legion Post 138 Welcomes You!

American Legion Post 138 is named in memory of Army Sgt. James Witkowski From Surprise Arizona.

Join our Legion Family in Tempe!

If you are not currently a member of the American Legion, please be sure to read about the benefits of joining the American Legion Family. There are may worthwhile programs with which we are involved to help our veterans, their families and the community. Then, if you would like to join our family, please fill out our online membership form.

**Legion members receive $1.00 per minute rates for in home massage--$20 automatically get donated back to the post---join me at the post the 2nd Sunday of every month for massage Day....100% proceeds are donated to the post on that day!**


Orthopedic Sports Therapy

Physical Therapy

What we do
Pursuing our passion so you can pursue yours.
Clinical excellence for athletic performance.

Our Purpose: Diagnosis and treatment orthopedic disorders, pain and dysfunction, focusing on sports and athletes.

Our Mission: Every patient, every session, receives the best orthopedic care, delivered in the most effective and appropriate way for that individual athlete. For our athlete patients, diagnosis and treatment is just the beginning. The rehabilitation continues with sport-specific movement pattern correction and a return to sport strategy tailored for you specifically.

**Clients of Orthopedic Sports Therapy receive massage at a $15 discount off regular rates**